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Improve Telecom Data Quality

The telecom industry is known for its complex infrastructure and a huge number of transactions.

The risk of revenue leakage becomes more significant as processes and infrastructure become more complex.

Studies show that revenue leakage is estimated at 1.1% – 2.0% of revenue.

This leakage is mainly caused by manual data entry mistakes as well as fraudulent behavior.

Fixing those leaks can improve your bottom line.

Telecommunication with exMon

Examples of controls our telecom Customers are using:

Security and fraud

  • Unusual employee behavior looking at and changing customer information.
  • Are service rules being followed


  • All mandatory customer attributes were correctly added, for example, CRM categorization, home address, and credit limits.
  • Are there unusually high discounts for particular product categories
  • Are there unusual fluctuations in specific product categories


  • Missing data from metered services
  • Unknown serial numbers / IP addresses
  • Unusual product mix, for example, xDSL and Fiber
  • Have all service systems transferred data past x hours

Vodafone Iceland

Vodafone Iceland has been using exMon since 2010. Vodafone continuously monitors its data and services, emphasizing customer happiness, revenue leakage, and fraud monitoring. 

Their implementation resulted in less revenue leakage and a much shorter billing period.

Recently a case study of Vodafone usage of exMon and its results were published in Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit, an American university textbook in Continuous Auditing by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

You can read all about Vodafone’s usage of exMon here: Audit Analytics Book Vodafone Case Study.

You can download the book for free at the AICPA website: Continuous Assurance & Continuous Control Monitoring.

exMon Telecom

Learn How Our Customers Are Using eXmon

See how exMon Data Quality can help you fix and maintain quality financial data.

Manage all your budgeting and forecasting processes. Find issues and missed submissions before its too late.

Our customers in retail use exMon to monitor cash registers and back-office systems. Monitor supply chain processes, inventory levels, and unusually high discounts

Know more about how pharmaceutical companies use exMon to make sure project data is being maintained correctly.

Learn more about how Vodafone is continuously monitoring their data and services with an emphasis on customer happiness, revenue leakage, and fraud monitoring

See how Atlanta Air is detecting fraudulent bookings,monitoring loyalty club transactions, and keeping eye on aircraft maintenance schedules.

Detect irregularities in access to key systems and platforms.

Detect fraud and misuse leaving footprints in your.

Find out how you can better govern your Master Data with the exMon

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