Data Management

Master Data Management

Managing master data can be challenging. 

Most companies today still have significant issues with the governance of their master data.

Different systems using the same data are not harmonized.

But how to get master data governance under control?

exMon offers a simple solution to manage master data in one place.

With exMon Data Quality you can monitor the quality of your data and assign issues to different data stewards.

Improve your master data

Manage your key dimensions and allow business users to maintain data changes

Create a data governance process for maintenance of master dimensions like Products, Customers, and Vendors

Move updates of data from IT to business users

exMon Data Management is Microsoft SQL Based

You can deploy inside SQL Server On-Premise or in the cloud with SQL Azure

Complicated workflows can be added using SQL Actions

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What our customers say

“exMon is a simple tool to use, you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to use it and you can produce something and demonstrate value quite fast. Furthermore, exMon is a “light” platform that doesn’t affect your data setup but is applied on top of whatever setup you have. It can plug into any system without moving the data anywhere – so you do not need to bring in an ETL or business analytics team. This minimizes the operational risk.”
Elsa Gudbergsdottir
Master Data Manager
“With exMon as part of our continuous integration deployment process, I can move very quickly because exMon is easy to configure. When I work with process flows, I can easily create conditions for errors, and checks. Best of all, exMon is user-friendly and quickly deployed. I can create checks in minutes, and, depending on the complexity of the business rules, I can implement them in minutes as well. The whole organization benefits from the improved quality.”
Reynir Orn Bachmann Gudmundsson
BI Manager
“For a company like ours with its mass of transactions, exMon’s value proposition - custom-made checks using data from one or more systems within the company and delivering results to an employee’s mailbox - is unmatched by any other software I know about.”
Óskar Ingi Magnússon
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

HOw Can I Start Manage My Master Data?

Create Master Data Tables

Easily create tables for all your unmanaged master data in exMon Data Management

Load Data

Load existing data to the exMon tables.

Start Governing Your Master Data

Assign Master Data to different Data Stewards and monitor the quality with exon Data Quality Manager

See how exMon Data Quality can help you fix and maintain quality financial data.

Manage all your budgeting and forecasting processes. Find issues and missed submissions before its too late.

Our customers in retail use exMon to monitor cash registers and back-office systems. Monitor supply chain processes, inventory levels, and unusually high discounts

Know more about how pharmaceutical companies use exMon to make sure project data is being maintained correctly.

Learn more about how Vodafone is continuously monitoring their data and services with an emphasis on customer happiness, revenue leakage, and fraud monitoring

See how Atlanta Air is detecting fraudulent bookings,monitoring loyalty club transactions, and keeping eye on aircraft maintenance schedules.

Detect irregularities in access to key systems and platforms.

Detect fraud and misuse leaving footprints in your.

Find out how you can better govern your Master Data with the exMon

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