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With a network of international specialists, we provide various services to our customers. Our IT services and IT Consulting are available for individual IT Projects and managed IT services.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Most companies suffer from low master data quality and the accessibility of diverse data sources stored in multiple systems and files. We help you structure your data and design the right analytical capabilities. Getting your data under complete control is a prerequisite for using predictive analytics and AI.

Business Performance Management

Most companies still make their Financial Budgeting and Forecasting and Business Performance Management in Excel. File versions get mixed up, and there is a lot of effort to bring all the data together in a full picture of the future. Get a handle on your Business Planning, and we will help you set up the right tools and processes.

Business Performance Management
Data Integration - RPA

Data Integration and RPA

Every company produces a lot of data. Some have many versions of the same. We help you structure your Data Integration so that every system in your company uses the right data and shares the right data with other systems. 

We offer guidance on RPA design and help decide when to reengineer processes rather than automate them unchanged. 

E-Commerce & Web Design

Most companies today use e-Commerce solutions to bring their services or goods to their customers. We help build e-Commerce Solutions that are fully integrated with your IT landscape

Our Web Development team helps design attractive websites and design your multi or omnichannel marketing strategy.

Ecommerce - Web Design
Managed Services

Managed Services

It can be costly to run your own infrastructure and application support. We help you find cost-effective solutions to manage your IT infrastructure and application support.

Our Managed Services Solutions are adapted to your SLA requirements.

Cloud Computing

If your company is planning to move from on-premise to cloud, we can help to guide the process and make sure that your cost stays the same or lower.

Cloud Computing
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Off-Shore Recruiting

Need help setting up an Offshore Team? We can help to recruit qualified teams to take on any challenge. Let us know your goals, and we will find the right location and team members for your center of excellence.

HR Services

For small businesses who don’t have their HR department, we offer the following HR Services:

  • Human resources
  • Employee benefits
  • Talent management
  • Regulatory compliance 
HR Services
IT Consulting Project

Tell Us About Your Next Project

We offer 30 min free Consulting Session and a free  Demo of the exMon Data Governance Suite. Get in touch with us and start improving your business today.

Master Data Management and Data Quality

We Are Proud To Be exMon Partner in North America

Keep track of your data issues and make sure they are resolved in time.
exmon helps you prevent lost revenue and wasted time.

exmon is a Data Quality Management platform and Master Data Management Tool that ensures that your data is accurate and timely.