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Improve Application, System, and Database Security Using exmon

Data has become more and more critical in every business, and traditional industries are rapidly turning into data industries.

The company’s IT systems contain both sensitive and confidential data.

If data gets compromised, it can have damaging and costly results.

Our clients have used exMon to strengthen their data security by monitoring access and usage of sensitive data and systems.

Data Security with exMon

Examples of controls That Can Improve Security:

Users and logins

  • Monitor system usage by user account
  • Eliminate orphan accounts, ensure users have correct privileges and make sure password policy is enforced.

Active Directory

  • Employees who have not logged in for the past 90 days
  • Employee account that is not set for password renewal
  • Employees who have not renewed their password for 90 days
  • Contractors that have not logged in for the past 90 days
  • Contractors without an assigned manager
  • New users added to sensitive Active Directory Security Groups, for example, domain admins.
  • Disabled users still in Security Groups
  • Disabled users not in the “Disabled Users” group
  • Active Directory Security Group access compared to the HR system

Database access

  • User accounts not used for more than 30 days
  • Unusual change in size for databases
  • Backups are up to date
  • The size of backups is comparable to earlier backups.

Learn How Our Customers Are Using eXmon

See how exMon Data Quality can help you fix and maintain quality financial data.

Manage all your budgeting and forecasting processes. Find issues and missed submissions before its too late.

Our customers in retail use exMon to monitor cash registers and back-office systems. Monitor supply chain processes, inventory levels, and unusually high discounts

Know more about how pharmaceutical companies use exMon to make sure project data is being maintained correctly.

Learn more about how Vodafone is continuously monitoring their data and services with an emphasis on customer happiness, revenue leakage, and fraud monitoring

See how Atlanta Air is detecting fraudulent bookings,monitoring loyalty club transactions, and keeping eye on aircraft maintenance schedules.

Detect irregularities in access to key systems and platforms.

Detect fraud and misuse leaving footprints in your.

Find out how you can better govern your Master Data with the exMon

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